Eastbourne Dojo

Club Location

11 Korimako Road
Days Bay
Lower Hutt

Club Contact Details

If interested in arranging a session, please contact David Reddaway on [email protected] or 021 203 4634.

Club History

The Eastbourne dojo provides a place for senior grade students to train at a level commensurate with their grade and skill sets. Its main goal is to assist 1st Kyu and above students to share and learn at a senior level, however all grades are welcome.

Instruction will be on a ‘one to one’ or ‘one to few’ basis. No formal membership is required to train at the club. There are no fees for training, just mutual learning opportunities.

No gradings will be held at the Eastbourne dojo, however, happy to assist students prepare for gradings.

There are no structured training times for the Eastbourne dojo. Training times will be by simple arrangement.

The main teaching at the Eastbourne dojo will focus on IOGKF Goju Ryu karate.

Skills from other arts and styles can be incorporated as we desire. Members of other arts and styles are very welcome and actively encouraged to train at the dojo to bring
their flavour to the pot.

Club Instructors

David Reddaway, Godan (5th Dan)
David began training at the Victoria University dojo in 1991 under the clubs founding Instructor Leo Donnelly and senior instructor Joseph Tait.

Training at the Vic Uni club has provided David the opportunity to train with some fantastic instructors over the year. He has also, due to, a wandering work life had the opportunity to train with many other styles and arts. David loves the traditional flavour of karate but also embraces new concepts of training. David has competed at international level in both full contact and points fighting events. As a member of the NZ team he was able to train with and compete against top level practitioners.

David’s passion for the arts has led him to train with a range of karate styles and different martial arts over the years. These learnings have been incorporated into his Goju Ryu to strengthen his overall martial arts skill set.

David began training at Victoria University club March 1991

Grading History

Shodan 1995 Dennis May Sensei (Past IOGKFNZ Chief Instructor)
Nidan 1997 Kanbu-kai IOGKFNZ Committee
Sandan 2002 Kanbu-kai IOGKFNZ Committee
Yondan 2011 Higaonna Morio Saiko Shihan (IOGKF Supreme Master)
Godan 2018 Ernie Molyneux Fuku Shuseki Shihan (IOGKF Vice Chief Instructor)

What Will be Taught There

– IOGKF Goju Ryu
– Kobudo
– Other styles and arts as requested