The International Okinawa Goju-ryu Karate-Do Federation of New Zealand (IOGKFNZ) is New Zealand’s largest Okinawan Goju-Ryu Karate body.

IOGKFNZ is affiliated with the International Okinawan Goju Ryu Karate Do Federation (IOGKF), which is dedicated to preserving the art of Goju-Ryu in the form handed down by its founder, Chojun Miyagi Sensei. The World Chief Instructor of IOGKF is Nakamura Tetsuji Sensei.  Affiliation with IOGKF ensures regular contact with international instructors, as well as the opportunity for students to attend International Gasshukus and to train abroad.

IOGKFNZ operates within a framework of democracy and accountability. The day-to-day activities of IOGKFNZ are managed by an Executive committee. The Executive is responsible for providing administration leadership and support for the country. It also organises national events such as Gasshukus and training seminars, and visits to New Zealand by overseas instructors.

An important part of the Executive is the Technical committee. The Technical committee is responsible for the actual training. It ensures that the quality of instruction at individual dojos remains consistently high and up-to-date. All Technical committee members have trained extensively with Masters, both overseas and in New Zealand. The current committee has over 130 years karate experience between them.

Kambukai Members

These people form the Kambukai, or technical committee.

Other People