Club Location

Karori Recreational Centre (walk through main gym area to upstairs room)
Classes for children 5 years and above.

Club Contact Details

Name: Shaleena Ravji

Phone: 0226592474

Email: [email protected]

Club Training Times

Thursdays 4-5pm (beginners)

Fridays 5-6pm (8th kyu and above) 

Club Instructors

Shaleena Ravji Shodan (1st dan) 

Shaleena has been training Goju Ryu karate for over 8 years at the Wellington Dojo under Sensei Rajesh Ravji. She has assisted in teaching junior & adult classes at the Wellington dojo. Shaleena has achieved her junior black belt at the age of 14 and competed in tournaments including regional, secondary school and national tournaments in both kata and kumite and received gold, silver and bronze medals.