Famous Last Words

In no significant order, here are some of the more interesting quotes heard during the recently held South Island Gasshuku with Terauchi Sensei in Dunedin. Many thanks to those who supplied these.

“It’ll be easy; it’s only for an hour and a half.”
Unrealistic expectations from a Queenstown member talking about training at the Ranfurly dojo opening.

“Your kata was better twenty years ago when you were a brown belt.”
Terauchi Sensei as he remembers that he suggested a certain Ranfurly instructor take his Sho-dan test many years ago.

“I was expecting to do lots of squat kicks.”
Half drunken Japanese exponent of Goju Ryu from Victoria University talking to Terauchi Sensei on the first night after training.

One of Terauchi Sensei’s more frequent questions.

“After ripping my technique apart and asking ‘why?’ he just laughed at me.”
Otago university senior black belt in a somber mood.

“He laughs like a woman.”
Somber Otago university black belt.

“He wasn’t speaking English or Japanese.”
Queenstown black belt translator on the difficulties of translating for Terauchi Sensei.

“New Zealand style!” (Followed by high pitched laugh)
Terauchi Sensei talking about I.O.G.K.F.N.Z karate technique.

“Why do I have to wake him?”
Cowardly Queenstown translator.

“Because you don’t have to train with him.”
Cowardly Japan based translator’s answer to the above.

“One Saturday, Higaonna Sensei asked me to show him all my kata, I just thought – Sh–!”
A loose translation of Terauchi Sensei explaining that, he too used to ignore his kata training.

“I’m waiting for you in Japan”
Terauchi Sensei’s parting shot at us.